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Project Description

Over the years I've seen great contribution from the community with tools that enhance the X++ development experience. I have been using a few and recently decided to consolidate them into a package, both for future convenience and as a practice on the SysFileDeployment framework. The package is built based on a plugin system created by Martin. 

There are three plugins in the package. 

  1. TFS integration modification (allow multiple developers to share the same AOS while still having their own workspace) * 
  2. DEV_Toolbar, which adds a function bar and tabs to the development IDE. ** 
  3. X++ Editor extensions. ***

Credit to the creators of the following resources:

* [Martin Dráb] TFS Workspaces in AX2012: Private workspace in shared AOS.
** [Max Belugin] DEV_Toolbar: tabax for AX2012
*** [José Antonio Estevan] MSDYN AX 2012 X++ Editor Extensions Beta 2 

See DOCUMENTATION for more information.

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